Our Team

Andrew Anders

After joining your company, Andrew will work to create and help build out your campaigns. He will stay engaged in the realm of emerging technologies and keep informed about the changing trends in digital media. With these skills, he can add the polish that simple content, alone lacks. That makes him or her a valuable part of your digital marketing team.

Lucy Anderson

Once hired, Lucy will work with the rest of your digital marketing team to create a content calendar and keep your efforts on track.

Lucy has a strong online presence and a good track record. This is also somebody who’s able to balance the competing priorities of budget and outreach.

Mark Jance
Project Manager

Mark is responsible for knowing the goals of your marketing efforts and knowing how to measure the results of your social media, written, and video content compared to these target metrics. With the analyst’s help, your digital marketing team will be able to focus its efforts on creating content that connects with customers. Mark will also be able to avoid wasting time and money on things that aren’t effective.

Greg Founders
SEO Manager

Content creation is a major priority for most businesses these days. Having a skilled content creator on your digital marketing team will allow you to create more content, more efficiently than if you’re constantly relying on outsourced workers.

Greg will work closely with both your strategist and social media manager to create on-voice content for your company. As a result, Greg is skilled at both written and verbal communication, and be able to create anything from blog posts to YouTube videos. Ideally, the employee should also be trained in copy writing so that he or she can create content for your website and landing pages.